Vertically Combining Apartments (PHOTOS)

Michael Fasulo, AIA, LEED AP
December 18, 2019

In our recent blog post “How to Vertically Connect Two Apartments,” we discussed the considerations and process for the vertical combination of two apartment units. It’s not always easy to visualize what that process looks like, so we’ve documented a recent vertical combination to show you what’s involved.

A probe of the ceiling looking for beams, pipes and ducts (we found all of these here).
Slab demolition.
Temporary shoring (brace) used to hold up floor while cutting and adding new beams.
Welding gear.
Scaffold used to place new beam.
Large bolted plate. The beam needed to be carried up tight pre-war stairs in sections that would fit into the building's narrow hallways, then bolted and welded on site.
Steel support.
Looking up into the opening with the new framing in place.
Intumescent paint fireproofing on steel brace to help keep walls thin.
Stair supports arrive in parts that are assembled on site.
Assembling steel stair components on site.
Steel frame of stair installed.
Cladding stair with wood and oak.
Panelling and finishes.
Installing brass balusters and oak rail.