Working with Bolster

Rodman Paul Architects
February 22, 2018

We are pleased to announce that we recently partnered with Bolster to provide design services to selected clients. Bolster is a digitally based general contractor who specializes in high-end residential renovations in New York City. From a carefully curated group of professionals, Bolster customizes teams for project-based work throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. Bolster’s stringent criteria includes demonstrable technical expertise, professionalism, and ethics; professionals must undergo a series of interviews and past project reviews before they are approved for the “Bolster” studio. They have some very exciting ideas about how to make the business of home renovation more transparent to the homeowner. We’re enjoying working with them and have already seen how it can be the perfect fit for clients who are new to renovations. 

As part of their outreach we’ve been helping Bolster with their blogging efforts. If you’re starting to think about the design impacts of aging-in-place firm partner Michael Fasulo offers tips on how to renovate toward that goal. You can read his advice in Bolster’s recent article, “Six tips for renovating your NYC apartment—with an eye toward aging in place.”