Renovating a Prewar New York Apartment

Our Interview for Brick Underground: Renovating a Prewar Classic 6

Rodman Paul Architects
March 30, 2018

Renovating a prewar New York apartment tends to involve a set of challenges that are unique to other kinds of renovations. Thankfully, these challenges tend to be predictable, with experience. They can also present opportunities for innovation and creativity.

In an interview for Brick Underground, Michael Fasulo walks apartment owners through the most common issues involved in a prewar renovation, including how to make the best use of your apartment while navigating the layers of rules and technologies in prewars. At the beginning of every project, we discuss these items and others with our clients to make sure they have a complete understanding of what’s involved in the renovation process and the design opportunities that exist. This makes the renovation process a positive experience for everyone.

Renovating a Prewar NYC Apartment
Renovated Park Avenue kitchen.

To learn more about what’s involved in a New York prewar classic six renovation, read the full Brick Underground interview here.