COVID-19 Update

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and NY Governor Cuomo’s Executive Orders, Rodman Paul Architects has instituted a work-from-home policy until further notice. Our technology suite allows us to be in constant communication with each other and with our clients, consultants, craftspeople, and builders. Projects are underway and we’re looking forward to sharing progress photos with you.

Andrew Klein, left, wearing his “safety first” hat packing out to work from home; Michael Fasulo's daughter raises her hand during virtual class; and Tad Paul, at right, working from Fire Island Pines.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, or thoughts about future projects. Now is the time for thinking about better days ahead.

Our Interview for Brick Underground: 5 Things Homeowners Need to Know About Home Automation

Home renovations can often be the best time to make the move to home automation. New technologies that give homeowners greater control over lighting, temperature, security, and audio-visual systems can add value and create a better living experience.

In an interview for Brick Underground, Michael Fasulo walks homeowners through the entire home automation process, from determining a budget to selecting products to wiring and ventilation. For home automation early adopters, Michael also advises on updating existing automation systems.

To learn more about what’s involved in home automation, read the full Brick Underground interview here.

Our Interview for Brick Underground: Renovating a Prewar Classic 6

Renovating a prewar New York apartment tends to involve a set of challenges that are unique to other kinds of renovations. Thankfully, these challenges tend to be predictable, with experience. They can also present opportunities for innovation and creativity.

In an interview for Brick Underground, Michael Fasulo walks apartment owners through the most common issues involved in a prewar renovation, including how to make the best use of your apartment while navigating the layers of rules and technologies in prewars. At the beginning of every project, we discuss these items and others with our clients to make sure they have a complete understanding of what’s involved in the renovation process and the design opportunities that exist. This makes the renovation process a positive experience for everyone.

Renovating a Prewar NYC Apartment
Renovated Park Avenue kitchen.

To learn more about what’s involved in a New York prewar classic six renovation, read the full Brick Underground interview here.

Working with Bolster

We are pleased to announce that we recently partnered with Bolster to provide design services to selected clients. Bolster is a digitally based general contractor who specializes in high-end residential renovations in New York City. From a carefully curated group of professionals, Bolster customizes teams for project-based work throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. Bolster’s stringent criteria includes demonstrable technical expertise, professionalism, and ethics; professionals must undergo a series of interviews and past project reviews before they are approved for the “Bolster” studio. They have some very exciting ideas about how to make the business of home renovation more transparent to the homeowner. We’re enjoying working with them and have already seen how it can be the perfect fit for clients who are new to renovations. 

As part of their outreach we’ve been helping Bolster with their blogging efforts. If you’re starting to think about the design impacts of aging-in-place firm partner Michael Fasulo offers tips on how to renovate toward that goal. You can read his advice in Bolster’s recent article, “Six tips for renovating your NYC apartment—with an eye toward aging in place.”

Introducing Rodman Paul Architects

Dear Clients and Friends,

First, the major news: Larson and Paul will be separating into two different offices. Doug Larson has decided to focus on retail and upstate New York, and I will continue to focus on residential work in and around New York City. This coming week you will begin seeing our new name, Rodman Paul Architects, and new email addresses. Our new website will be live shortly thereafter. The firm’s office will continue to be located at 118 Chambers Street, 4th Floor, in New York, with the same telephone number, and emails sent to a Larson and Paul address will still come through to our new accounts.

Park Avenue Apartment Living Room Architecture After Renovation | Rodman Paul Architects

One understandable reaction to this news might be, what an odd career stage in which to launch a new firm. I must admit that I also considered retirement, but I’m still a trifle young for that as architects go, and my schedule is hardly grueling. I looked at what I enjoy the most, and it was clear to me that interacting with you, our clients, and designing superb houses and apartments for you is what gives me the greatest pleasure. One of the primary reasons people retire is so they can do the things they enjoy, I am fortunate enough to be able to do that every day without retiring.

It has always been my desire to encourage a next generation of leadership at the firm, and to that end I have an exceptional group of architects who are also part of this transition. Michael Fasulo will continue to be the organized and even-tempered center around which the rest of us orbit, and he will be ably supported by Andrew Klein, Mitch Hartig, Antonio Rivera, and Siobhan Fennessy.

Water Island Estate | Rodman Paul Architects
Pool at Mid-Century Modern Beach House in Fire Island Pines | Rodman Paul Architects

I am proud of the trust that you have placed in me and in our staff as we have developed plans for you, and that in turn is what drives us to produce the layered and detailed work that you all appreciate. Whether on Park Avenue, a farm, or a sand spit, we have always tried to arrive at stylish designs appropriate to your lifestyles as well as appropriate to the locale. This might mean the complex moldings that I love so much or it might mean the simplest of cedar surrounds, but each has been a pleasure to develop with you.

We will continue to be in touch over the next few months with various announcements, but I wanted to get this initial news out to all our clients and friends.

Happy summer!